Pokemon GO on Windows Phone: petition requests platform support

Windows Phone users...they're still out there, and they're sad they don't have access to Pokemon GO. The ultra-popular mobile game has topped the charts on both iTunes and the Google Play Store, and though its international expansion was temporarily paused, the game is destined to span the globe. That is, unless you have a Windows mobile device, in which case you're out of luck.

A quick look at social media shows two things: that Pokemon GO is incredibly, insanely popular, and that Windows Phone users are not amused. They're used to missing out on stuff, yes, but usually the things they miss out on are less, well, grand. At this point, their only option is to use a supported device and tether it to the hotspot from their Windows Phone.

Whatever device you use needs to have GPS; if you're a Windows user, your best option at this time is either getting your hands on a suitable Android device and tethering it to your main phone, or picking up a cheap Android phone and signing up for a month-by-month prepaid service.

Still, Windows Phone users haven't entirely given up. A petition has already gone live requesting Windows 10/Mobile editions be made; it's on Change.org and currently sits at 38,876 users, which is pretty close to its 50,000 goal. Of course, a petition is only a collective way to be vocal, and at this point there's no indication we'll ever see a Windows version come about.

VIA: Windows Central