Pokemon GO map visualization shows all the Pokemon in your area

Shane McGlaun - Jul 20, 2016, 5:00 am CDT
Pokemon GO map visualization shows all the Pokemon in your area

With Pokemon Go being such a smash hit and wooing players of all ages and from all walks of life to get outside and track down some Pokemon, people are building accessories and software to help players get along. One such bit of software comes from a reddit user called waishda and is a Pokemon Go map visualization.

The idea is for the software to give you a Google Maps representation of where exactly the Pokemon in your area are hiding. Waishda built his software using work that had been performed by other reddit users called mila432 and leegao. Not only can the software show you where the Pokemon are in your area, but you can also show gyms and pokestops near you as well.

The software is currently running on a Flash server and displays Google Map with markers on it. A bit of warning, this is essentially cheating and is against the terms of service for Pokemon Go and could get your account banned. Actually using the software is a bit of a pain, there is a process to it that involves opening a terminal and using python to view the map.

The builder says the he won’t be working to make the software Windows compatible. Waishda also suggests that you make a Pokemon Trainers account other than your main one and use it with the map since you may end up banned. The builder also warns that the servers are often slow so you will need to wait a bit to see your map. I’m never sure why fans of a game would want to cheat to get ahead; it rather defeats the purpose of playing. Still, if you have your heart set on a Pikachu and can’t find one, maybe you will want to check this out.

SOURCE: reddit

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