Pokemon GO is two years old: have some Pikachu and Pichu

Niantic Labs has been doing AR games (some might debate the use of "AR" there) for quite some time. But while its Ingress had a cult following, its name never really took off until it partnered with The Pokemon Company to bring out Pokemon GO. And the rest, as they say, is history. It's almost hard to believe that it has been two years since that fateful turn of events and Pokemon GO is now celebrating its birthday with an abundance of the Pokemon that really started it all: Pikachu.

So keep an eye out for Pikachu and its pre-evolved form, Pichu. The electric rodents (yes, they're mice if you didn't know) will be infesting maps more frequently this month. Better yet, Niantic is bringing on the heat with a "Summer Style" Pikachu, complete with straw hat and sunglasses.

If you can't catch Pikachu or have caught all the Pikachu you ever wanted, you can reward yourself with avatar items to show your love for the iconic critter. Players with a Gold Pikachu Fan medal will be eligible to buy a Pikachu T-shirt or even Pikachu ears for their avatar.

That said, not everyone is a Pikachu fan. Those can bid their time and wait for the mythical Pokemon Celebi to teleport into the game in the near future. When? Who knows! For now, enjoy an overload of yellow with the Pikachu and Pichu event, which runs from July 6 PT until July 31.