Pokemon GO debuts new Lures, new Pokemon, and Eevee evolutions

Ewdison Then - May 19, 2019, 10:13 pm CDT
Pokemon GO debuts new Lures, new Pokemon, and Eevee evolutions

Pokemon is one of those almost never-ending franchises that keeps on adding new monsters. That’s great news for Niantic Labs because it won’t be running out of new content any time soon. They just Gen 4 critters from the Sinnoh region just a while back but now they’re adding a few more. But perhaps a bit more interesting for some collectors is the arrival of two new Eeveelutions, including a one-time trick to get them.

Having eight evolutions in total, Eevee has become one of the more interesting Pokemon to grace the augmented reality GO game. In the past, Pokemon GO has made evolving these a bit random but it was discovered early on that naming your Eevee can make it evolve to the one you want. It turns out, you can still use that trick with the latest update, but it might not be as critical as before.

The trick is using a specific name for Eevee to evolve it into one of the two new evolutions available. Give it the name “Linnea” if you want a Leafeon or “Rea” if you want a Glaceon. Just like before, you can only use this trick once and that’s that. Fortunately, Pokemon GO actually has an official way to evolve Eevee to those.

The latest update adds new Lure modules that not only attract Pokemon but also create a temporary special habitat of the same element. These can be used to evolve Magneton and Nosepass and “certain Evolutions of Eevee”. As you might have guessed, these Lure modules are available from the item shop but might soon also be available as Special Research rewards.

The update also adds a new ground-type charged attacked named Earth Power that can also lower the opponent’s def. The new Pokemon added will already know the move but older generation pokemon that could know it are Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Aerodactyl, Camerupt, and Claydol.

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