Pokemon GO Buddy Adventure system: Here's how it'll work

Today, Niantic announced a pretty big expansion to Pokemon GO's buddy system. Dubbed Buddy Adventure, this new system will allow you to tap into various benefits after designating a buddy Pokemon and improving your relationship with them. It sounds like you can get some pretty serious perks for boosting your Buddy Level, so let's dive in and see what's new.

For starters, Niantic says that there will be four different Buddy Levels you can attain with your Pokemon, and you'll reach the first – Good Buddy – by feeding your partner Pokemon berries. Once you reach Good Buddy, you'll be joined by your buddy Pokemon on the overworld map and you'll be able to see their mood on your buddy profile page.

At Great Buddy level, which is the next level up, your buddy may help you out in catching wild Pokemon and bring you items. At Ultra Buddy, your partner Pokemon will let you know about interesting places nearby and bring you souvenirs. Finally, we come to Best Buddy, which is final level you can attain with this system. At this level, your Pokemon will sport a special ribbon to signify your relationship and they'll get a CP boost in combat as long as they're your buddy Pokemon.

Once you've designated a buddy Pokemon, you'll be given a series of daily tasks to complete in order to improve your bond. You'll be rewarded with hearts for completing these tasks, which will improve their mood. Tasks can range from walking together and giving them a treat to battling together and taking a snapshot of them. At the highest mood, which is excited, you'll be able to earn bonus hearts and the distance required before your buddy finds Candy will be halved.

All of this sounds pretty good, but we'll have to wait until next year before its implemented. According to Niantic's blog post today, another mode coming next year is a shared AR mode that allows you to meet your friends' buddy Pokemon, but that won't be arriving until after Buddy Adventure launches. We'll keep our eyes peeled for more details, so stay tuned for more.