Pokemon GO adds account and profile linking with Facebook, Google

Still playing Pokemon GO? If so, the team behind the game has an announcement for you. Starting in the near future, you'll be able to link your Facebook account to your Pokemon GO account for a simpler sign-in process. This is only part of the changes that are inbound. Soon players will also be able to link their Trainer profile to a Google and/or Facebook account.

According to the Pokemon GO team, linking the game with your Facebook account will present more options for logging in, as well as helping users maintain their progress across multiple mobile devices. It'll also be easier to login since you'll just use your Facebook account.

In addition, by linking a Trainer profile to either a Google or Facebook account, players will be able to use those account credentials to access their Pokemon GO. Players'll have the option of linking to both their Google and Facebook, after which point they can use whichever account they prefer. The linking ability will be found under "Settings."

The team points out a solid reason to link a Facebook account to Pokemon GO: it provides a reliable way to access the content should the original account used to register become unavailable. One example is registering for Pokemon GO using a university account. If the person loses access to that account, they could still access their game using their Facebook, which they remain in control of at all times.

SOURCE: Pokemon GO