Pokemon die-cast Poke Ball replicas are coming, not for throwing

Pokemon has become a worldwide sensation that almost everyone knows about it. Many, even those not completely familiar with the franchise, might even recognize its de facto mascot Pikachu. Fewer, however, might recognize the one thing that has remained constant through all iterations of the game, the iconic red and white Poké Ball. Something that is pretty much the domain of true Pokemon fans, officially sanctioned Poké Ball replicas will soon be available for collectors to purchase but, given its die-cast nature, won't be something that will faithfully recreate the experience of throwing one.

At 297g/10.5oz and with a die-cast zinc metal body, this ball is definitely not for throwing, no matter how tempting it might be. The Wand Company, famous for its replicas of pop culture props and items, wants to make that very clear. The ball doesn't even open up like an authentic Poké Ball but it at least has some tricks that will make it more than just something to look at.

The Die-cast Poké Ball Replicas come with a metal-looking Display Case (it's ABS plastic, really) that lights up whenever you open the lid, bathing the Poké Ball's underside with a color of your choice. Yes, there are actually a few colors to choose from and the package even comes with a manual to show you how to cycle through the available options.

Perhaps the more interesting light will come from the Poké Ball itself which is triggered by a proximity sensor. The closer your hand gets, the bright the light becomes. Holding both halves in your hand makes it shine its brightest.

The Wand Company has opened up pre-orders for these official Poké Ball replicas, priced at $99.99. These, however, won't be officially available until February 27, 2021, just in time for the annual Pokemon Day.