Pocophone F2 Pro suddenly pops up in a price leak for Europe

OnePlus' prestige as the affordable flagship killer was almost stolen in 2018 when Xiaomi's sub-brand launched the Pocophone F1 or simply POCO F1 in some markets. Of course, that didn't turn out to be the case because, as impressive as the specs were, Xiaomi did cut some corners to get that sweet price point. It was, to some extent, still a success the people have been wondering about its longevity. It seems that the brand is still alive but this Pocophone F2 Pro might not exactly be what its fans expect.

The Pocophone F1 was famed for cramming modern high-end specs inside a throwback polycarbonate chassis that help keep the price down to an incredible sub-$400 point. The POCO X2 changed the material formula up a bit by introducing glass on the back but, at the same time, pulled the specs down to a mid-range level.

Based on a Portuguese website, the Pocophone F2 Pro will smash those two worlds in a way that will supposedly justify its new price tag. Actually, the site's source really only has information on that figure, a rather steep 649 EUR starting price, roughly $710. Even when considering Portugal's private copy levy, the probable 599 EUR retail price still puts the phone at around $655.

There is a chance Poco will justify that sudden price jump with the F2 Pro's features. Those might include the latest Snapdragon 865 along with a 64 megapixel main camera and three other imaging sensors. The premium glass back will also contribute to kicking up the build costs and, therefore, the selling price as well.

Nothing is certain yet, of course, including the rumors that the Pocophone F2 Pro will look like the Redmi K30 Pro pictured above. With everyone including OnePlus raising prices these days, Poco won't be out of place but it will sorely disappoint those expecting lightning to strike twice in exactly the same way.