PocketQube offers DIY satellite kits

A company called PocketQube has announced new kits for the homebuilder that allows you to make your own small cube satellite. When completed the satellite measures 5cm to a side and if you don't want to build your own, you can buy a PocketQube that is built and ready to go. Each of the PocketQube bundles include all parts needed for construction.

The kits have the satellite skeleton, radio board for communications, LabSat board to test the electronics in the kit, and the onboard computer that is the central command station for the satellite. Kits are offered that allow users to build one, two, and three cube configurations.

The kits are far from cheap at $5,999, $6,149, and $6,299 respectively. The components are available separately as well with the orbital skeleton structure for $499 to $799 depending on configuration. The MiniSatcom is $2,499, the orbital Labsat is $1499, and the Orbital On Board Computer is $1,499.

The biggest expense and most difficult part of this process will be actually getting the satellite into space. The kits are aimed at universities, hobby groups, and government agencies. The kits are available to purchase no on the PocketQube website now.

SOURCE: Engadget