Pocket Radar can display speed from a mile away

Last Christmas my son got one of those Hot Wheels radar guns that can show how fast Hot Wheels cars are going in scale MPH and how fast other things are going in real MPH. The problem was that the radar gun was huge. If you like the idea of being able to see how fast things are going, but want a compact package the Pocket Radar will do it.

The gadget is small and lightweight, but can give accurate speed measurements from as far as a mile away. The manufacturer says that coaches can use it to see how fast a ball is thrown and racing fans can use it from the stands to see how fast their favorite car is going.

The Pocket Radar is powered by normal AAA batteries can take 10,000 readings on a single battery set. The measurements are accurate to one mile per hour and the Pocket Radar will be on display at CES in January and available to purchase in the spring of 2010.