Pocket Photo Album: Pictures In Small Frame

What you see might not be what it is. Though it may look like an egg, this little guy is actually a pocket photo album: a digital storage that is ready to go with you everywhere. This tiny little device has built-in internal memory and a supplied Lithium rechargeable battery. Just install the supplied album management software and connect the Pocket Photo Album to your computer using USB cable, you can share up to 56 pictures with your friends and family through the Pocket Photo Album's 1.1 inch TFT LCD screen. Its weigh is less than 2 ounces. To be honest, I see no point of doing so. But if you love something small, this Pocket Photo Album can be yours for a price of £34.95 (Approx. $70.00)



Pocket photo album – a pocket full of pictures [via shinyshiny.tv]