Pocket Beta Channel offers early-access features

Pocket, the service that lets you save content from around the web for reading later on, has announced its new Public Beta Channel through which you'll get early access to upcoming features. Pocket touts Recommendations as one of the more notable early features Beta Channel users will get access to, but it isn't limited to that. The public beta channel will be available on the web, Android, and iOS, and Pocket is encouraging its users to get onboard with it.

Pocket detailed the new public beta channel on Thursday. Through it, users can get access to Pocket's first beta release — something the company says is simple but powerful with the inclusion of Recommendations, a feature that hasn't yet rolled out on the general app. Recommendations are designed to help you find what is good, not just new.

Recommendations are nestled around List, and it is designed to usher in content that is among the top of items saved by Pocket users. It is tailored to the user, however, meaning you shouldn't see top content about topics that aren't of interest to you. The recommendations are based on other things you save and share.

Pocket assures users this is just the start of its future beta launches, something to give you a taste of what to expect in coming months. To get in on the beta, download the Pocket app from your respective app store. Both Android and iOS beta instructions are available now.

SOURCE: Medium