PMA 2009 : Samsung NX hybrid DSLR up-close

Samsung's hybrid NX series camera has proved to be one of the biggest events of PMA this year. Launched one day prior to the show opening, technical details were scarce in the press release. Cousin to the Micro 4/3 standard, the Samsung platform uses a full time electronic viewfinder, eliminating the need for a bulky mirror box and optical viewfinder to allow for a smarter and lighter hybrid DSLR. We dropped by the Samsung booth during the show to find out more.

The NX hybrid camera just a prototype at this point, Samsung explained to us at PMA today. Going after the big two, namely Canon and Nikon, is probably not the best ideas in this economy. Sony's Alpha is a different story, as they bought an existing customer base as part of the Minolta acquisition. Samsung, meanwhile, is simply looking to make and sell cameras, not choose sides in Micro 4/3; they'll go with whichever sells, and don't be surprised if they shift to 4/3 in the future.

Locked and sealed in mirror box, that's where the concept cameras being displayed at Samsung' booth. We didn't get a hands-on opportunity, nor did Samsung disclose any further technical details, but managed to snap a few shots for your viewing pleasure. Three different lenses looked like a wide-angle, a mid-range and a "pancake" are mounted on display units, thus interchangeable lenses will be offered when it's official; no models, price range or MP size is concrete at present time. The mystery hybrid, however, will get HD video and WIFI connectivity.