PMA 2009 Rumor : Nikon new entry-level DSLR's D5000

Rumor at best, and this time coming from a Korean digital camera community forum: someone claimed to have received information from another person who's working at Nikon headquarter about a new DLSR to be unveil on the opening of PMA 2009. That sounds familiar with all the second-hand stories been told before any major digital camera shows, right? Let's get to the story. That new model oddly, dubs D5000, and inherits the rather depressing no in-body's AF motor likes the D40 and D60, hence the Entry-Level. However, it's slightly upscale in performance level, and is neck to neck with current D90.

Forget about the supposedly new camera, but seriously, a "D5000"? Here's the translation of the claim from NikonRumors, you'll be the judge.

"Nikon plans to announce a new D5000, which would follow the D40, D60 line of entry level DSLR. Specific details are to be revealed on the day of the announcement, however, it is said to have improvements on the 3 focus points (i think 9 would be just fine), and the performance in terms of image would be almost identical to D90. This is according to a person he/she know in Nikon headquarters, who claims to have received an official document mentioning the above. Also, like D40 and D60, restrictions on AF motor will stay."