PlugShare and Ford team up to make EV charging stations easy to find

Shane McGlaun - Feb 8, 2013
PlugShare and Ford team up to make EV charging stations easy to find

Ford Motor Company has announced that it has teamed up with PlugShare to help owners of Ford plug-in electric vehicles find a charging station. PlugShare operates a crowdsourced database of charging station locations. The charging stations include those offered by ChargePoint and Blink.

Since the database is crowdsourced, it also includes stations not owned by either of those companies. Any station an EV owner puts and is included in this database. Some of the information in the database includes photographs, reviews, and check-ins from EV owners that use the charging stations.

This data is being integrated into the MyFord Mobile smartphone application to make it easy for electric vehicle owners to find a place to plug in and charge up when on the road. That application also allows owners of electrified vehicles to control some aspects of their car remotely. Another interesting feature of the app is that users can monitor the charge status of their vehicles batteries.

Drivers are able to seek out charging stations using the station finder component of the mobile application. The app also allows the vehicle owner to search for locations near the charging station for other needs. The app has also recently been updated to allow users to keep their own trip and charge log allowing the driver to track their efficiency and use.

[via Torque News]

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