PlugKing Mix And Match Power Strip

In this digital age, its surprising that there aren't more innovations in the way we supply and power all our gadgets. With all the plugs, cords, chargers, and charging stations that have taken over our lives, we need an advanced outlet system to match. So, any powerstrip concepts are a welcome sight, including this one by PlugKing. The device enables you to snap together your own custom powerstrip with only the types of plugs you need. I'm not sure how practical this is, since there's usually just the common two-prong or the three-prong grounded plugs here in the States. And I don't imagine plugging my mega four-prong washer and dryer onto the same strip as my cellphone charger. But nonetheless, the concept is interesting, and remains only a concept for now.

PlugKing Innovates Powerstrip [Via: CrunchGear]