Plextor PlexEraser Eco-Friendly Disc Destroyer

If you normally get rid of your discs via a shredder, then you may not be aware that the leftover plastic shards can give off a chemical from the disc coating that is harmful to the environment. Well, either you didn't know, or you simply don't care. I'm sure for those of us that shred discs once in a blue moon, the effect is not so critical. But for industries with lots of confidential information stored on discs that must be destroyed, the eco-friendly Plextor PlexEraser PX-OE100E standalone drive will do the job leaving them ready to be recycled without any data being recoverable. Works with eight types of disc formats in both 12cm and 8cm sizes. Priced at $249.Plextor PlexEraser Destroys Discs So You Don't Have To [Via: CrunchGear]