Plex surprises users with Apple TV app integration test

Plex has surprised its users by quietly introducing a new Apple TV app integration, enabling users to view its free movies and TV shows in the Apple TV app. Before you get too excited, take note: The feature doesn't work with the content you have on your local server, meaning it is limited to the titles Plex provides for streaming.

Plex is best known as a personal server platform that enables users to easily access and stream videos they have saved on a local hard drive. The app has become considerably more robust over recent months, however, adding things like podcasts and free streaming movies/TV shows from major studios.

Plex users recently noticed that the latest beta release includes the option to link the platform with Apple TV. By doing this, users will be able to see free streaming titles available on Plex in the Apple TV app alongside the content from their other streaming apps like Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney+.

As first spied by 9to5Mac, a Plex employee chimed in with some clarification about the integration in a comment on Reddit, explaining why the link between the two platforms is limited to on-demand streaming content. Put simply, Apple must be provided with a content list as part of this feature.

Under its privacy policy, Plex doesn't know what content users store on their personal servers, meaning it is unable to provide Apple with that content. Therefore, the integration is limited to Plex's on-demand streaming content, a list of which can be provided to Apple.

The integration is limited to the Plex beta app at this time.