Plex music libraries can now be streamed on Sonos speakers

Plex has announced support for Sonos speakers, allowing users to browse their Plex music library directly from the Sonos app and play whatever audio they'd like. It's good news for those who use Plex to organize and access their media libraries, and it represents yet another option Sonos users have. Says Plex, Sonos users also have the option of accessing their music library remotely from whatever (connected) location they're in.

Plex, for those unfamiliar, is a free media server that allows users to access their stored local media and play it on a different device. For example, a video library stored on your laptop can be accessed from your set-top-box and streamed on your TV, no physical connection necessary (assuming everything is setup correctly). Using it to stream music through Sonos speakers is similar.

The Plex on Sonos offering is currently in beta and can be accessed through the Sonos Labs part of its mobile app. You'll need to turn on remote access to your Plex server to use it with Sonos (done under Settings > Server), then join the Sonos Public Beta Program, which you can do here.

Of course, this is a beta offering and so it's possible you'll run into a bug. However, Sonos says the beta experience is close to final, so you shouldn't encounter too much trouble. Check out the timeline below for other recent Plex news!