Plex adds DVR for OTA and cable broadcasts

Plex has added a DVR feature for recording shows available via cable and over-the-air broadcasts. The feature is available in a limited fashion as a beta initially, but Plex says it will be making the DVR function available in a future auto-update for Plex Pass users in the near future. The DVR function is being offered in partnership with SiliconDust and requires an HDHomeRun device to work. Those who are interested in trying it out can get the beta from Plex's forums.

In order to use the DVR function, users will need to make sure they have the latest Plex Media Server available in the beta forum. After installing that, you'll need an HDHomeRun device and an antenna, assuming you want to record OTA shows, that is connected to your home network. Finally, go into Plex's settings to the new "DVR" option and setup the tuner and location.

According to Plex, it has licensed global program guide data from Gracenote that covers 71 countries. Users are able to subscribe to specific shows and other content, and there are features like content syncing to mobile devices or cloud service, streaming to a bunch of apps, and universal search between devices. Plex boasts that its offering is 'the most advanced DVR in the known universe.'

Plex has added some new features alongside the DVR function, including what it calls a "garbage collection" feature — something that lets users only store so many unwatched episodes or only the most recent episodes from a series. Users can also sort shows by episode age or entire seasons. If you want to get started, check out the list of supported devices here.

SOURCE: Plex Blog