PlayStations with Silent Hills "P.T." game banned from eBay

In the recent past there was a lot of excitement surrounding the playable trailer "P.T." and the promise of a new game called "Silent Hills". Everything about it was great right up until the moment when Konami decided to cancel the game and break a collective bunch of hearts. Joining the announcement was removal of the "P.T." trailer/game, meaning those who hadn't downloaded it were entirely out of luck. Many who had downloaded it did exactly what you'd expect: ran to eBay with their consoles, where their listings were promptly squashed.

If you're not familiar with the "P.T." game, it was a playable trailer of sorts that teased gamers right up to the very end, when it revealed the likeness of The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus and the promise of a "Silent Hills" game. All of that is no more.

The P.T. game remained for a little while, giving gamers one last desperate moment to grab it before it, too, disappeared. Many did, and then they turned to eBay in an effort to sell those consoles with the apparently now-collectible playable trailer.

It was a nice effort, but eBay squashed every one of them, recently pulling down listings of the consoles that hawked the P.T. game. One of the users who had their listing removed made the email they received public via Kotaku, and the reason revolves around eBay's concern about Konami's copyright. The listing said, in part, "Due to copyright concerns, listings for unauthorized copies of items" like movies and such aren't allowed on the auction website.

SOURCE: Kotaku