PlayStation Vita attracting only 30% of PS3 owners: survey

Out of an audience that you might expect to be just about the most captive audience you could imagine, only 30% are flocking to Sony's PlayStation Vita handheld. That audience is the world of PS3 owners. And not just any PS3 owners, but some of the most ardent PlayStation fans on the market. It isn't great news for Sony, but there is still much room to grow. Will it be able to, though? That's the question.

The admittedly unscientific results came from a survey on leading fan site PlayStation Universe. The site said it was curious what the main reason was for the lack of interest in the device, so it posed the question to its readers. And perhaps not so surprisingly, the top reasons given were the high $250 price point, which makes it more expensive than a home console system, as well as the lack of high-quality games.

"From the chatter within our own community, and outside with other PS3 gamers, it's crystal clear that price is still the biggest issue though, while the current lack of quality games has certainly stopped some people from buying it. However, it must also be a big concern to Sony that PS Vita has possibly arrived at the wrong time, in an era where smartphone and tablet gaming is on the rise," the site wrote in an article about the results. Sony continues to praise the Vita, and plans to release non-gaming apps that will create more value for a portable device in this smartphone world.

[via PlayStation Universe]