PlayStation Store to reportedly stop selling PS3, Vita, PSP games on mobile and web

Ahead of the PlayStation 5's launch next month, Sony is reportedly making some big changes to the way the PlayStation Store works. Apparently, the company has been sending out emails to developers saying that later this month, games for the PlayStation 3, PSP, and PlayStation Vita will be inaccessible through the PlayStation Store for web and mobile. Just as well, it seems PlayStation 4 apps, themes, and avatars are leaving the web and mobile implementations of the store as well.

So says Eurogamer, which proclaims that it has seen and verified these emails. The changes are slated to arrive in the web version of the store on October 19th with the changes rolling out to mobile on October 28th.

These changes aren't as bad as they may sound at first blush. Thought PS3, PSP, and Vita games are disappearing from the web and mobile stores, they aren't going away entirely. Eurogamer says Sony's email confirm that PS3 and Vita games can still be purchased by accessing the PlayStation Store directly through the consoles, as will PS4 apps, themes, and avatars.

Of course, any content you've already purchased will still be available as well. However, Eurogamer's report does say that the current Wishlist is being discontinued, which means that any items currently in it will obviously be removed as well. If you have a packed Wishlist, then, it's probably a good idea to make note of those games you want to buy elsewhere before it goes away.

So, it seems that the PlayStation Store of the future will only show PS4 and PS5 games and media (at least on mobile and web). PS Store support for PS3 and Vita isn't ending entirely just yet, but this is indeed a step in that direction for two platforms that are looking a little long in the tooth.