PlayStation Store on PSP now, death to UMD! Shouts heard round the world

James Allan Brady - Nov 21, 2007

UMD really was one of the dumbest formats ever created, and especially for Sony. But it looks like you might not ever have to worry about it again now that you can just buy and download PSP games and demos.

The middleman hasn’t completely been removed though, you still have to download the content to your PC and then transfer it to your PSP, but its probably best that way, I mean how pissed would you be when you paid for the game on your PSP, went to download it, and realized you didn’t have enough storage and they took your money with no game in return? This way, it’s on your computer, and if you don’t have room on your MS Duo for it, you can make room.

The game titles are apparently cheap with WipEout and Everybody’s Golf 2 being about $7, and I am sure PS1 games, for use with the PSP’s PS1 emulator, are fairly cheap too. I was getting ready to go buy a DS, but with this release, the decision has become decidedly harder.

Sony’s PlayStation Store for PSP launches – is UMD finally on the way out? [via techdigest]

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