PlayStation Sale of the Dead brings big game discounts until Halloween

Sony has a major sale going on in the days leading up to Halloween and it is called 'Sale of the Dead.' The sale is in its second week, which stays live until October 31 at 8AM PT. The sale covers a huge number of titles, as well as season passes and bundles. PlayStation Plus members doubly benefit from this sale, getting lower prices than non-PS Plus members.

Sony has split its Sale of the Dead up into two segments, one called Week 1 and the other called Week 2, which will be live up through Halloween. The sale primarily covers PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 games, though there are also seven PS Vita games on the list, most of them modest offerings like 'Grim Fandango Remastered' and 'Zombie Tycoon II.'

Some of the games span up to 60-percent off their regular price, assuming you're getting the lower PS Plus discount. One example of the steep discount is "Grand Theft Audio V" with its "Megalodon Shark Cash Card Bundle," which has a total retail price of $135.99 USD. If you get the regular discount, the price drops to $67.99; if you're a PS Plus subscriber, the discount is lower with a price of $54.39 USD.

If you don't want the bundle, the GTA V price is lower at $35.99 for regular discount and $29.99 USD for the PS Plus discount. Other titles include "Manhunt," "The Evil Within," "The Order: 1886," "Until Dawn," "Dead Nation," "Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise," "Silent Hill," the Red Dead Redemption games, "Resident Evil Revelations," and more.

Overall, the second week of sales brings a total of 38 games, as well as 29 PlayStation 3 titles and 7 PS Vita titles. The Sale of the Dead discounts also apply to a bunch of digital download movies, the prices for which vary depending on whether it is SD or HD. You can see the full list of discounted content via the PlayStation Blog link below.

SOURCE: PlayStation Blog