PlayStation Plus subscribers will get to vote on future free games

PlayStation gamers who subscribe to the $50 per year PlayStation Plus service are well accustomed to the free games each month, but soon they will be able to help decide which games are given away sometime in the future. As it is now, each month sees two free games each for the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita, while lately there's been a lot of cross-buy titles, which makes a game available on two or all three of the systems. However, Sony has always been the one to choose the games.

Sony's PlayStation Blog wrote today that soon will be debuting a new Vote to Play feature. Voting hasn't yet launched, but when it does, PS Plus members will get to make their voice heard on which title they want to be made free. Only PS Plus members get to vote, and the choice must be made from a group that Sony picks, but the one with the most votes will included in a following month's free offerings.

It wasn't stated when the first Vote to Play session will be held, but Sony says they will be held "at regular intervals throughout the year," however not monthly. Even better, the titles that don't get the most votes will still be made available at discount prices for PS Plus members. So if the game you want doesn't go free, you can still get a good deal on it.

It's also worth mentioning that while access to the free games is still available even after the month ends, that's only as long as users continue paying for PS Plus. Stop paying the membership price, and those games become unavailable. So if there's a title that you really want, but you think you may not continue subscribing in the near future, it's a better idea to just buy it and own it outright.

SOURCE PlayStation Blog