PlayStation Plus games for September include a ton of Overcooked for PS5

After waiting until the 11th hour to do so, today Sony finally revealed the free PlayStation Plus games for September. Typically, we'd get announcements like this before a new month begins, but Sony took its sweet time in announcing the free PS Plus games this time around. If you've been following the news, you're already familiar with this lineup, too.

Yes, it seems the leaks that revealed September's PlayStation Plus games were right on the money, so even though Sony waited longer than usual to reveal them, some of us already knew what they were days ago. In any case, Sony today confirmed that Overcooked: All You Can Eat! will be September's free game for PlayStation 5, which is a compilation that includes all of the content from Overcooked, Overcooked 2, and their DLCs.

The compilation supports both local and online play, though of course, you'll need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play online (something that shouldn't be a problem if you're claiming this game for free). It also features an assist mode along with several accessibility options that allow more people to play.

On PlayStation 4, we'll see Predator: Hunting Grounds and Hitman 2 offered for free. While Hitman 2 needs little introduction, Predator: Hunting Grounds is an asymmetrical shooter that has a team of four human characters taking on one other person playing as the Predator. That team of four will have to complete certain objectives before the Predator hunts them down and takes them out.

As is usually the case, the two PlayStation 4 games are playable on PS5 as well, so those who own Sony's latest console get to claim three games next month. These three games will be available to PlayStation Plus members from September 7th through October 4th, which means that PS Plus users have until September 6th to claim August's free games.