PlayStation Move controller gets ray gun accessory

Shane McGlaun - Jun 16, 2010, 5:00 am CDT
PlayStation Move controller gets ray gun accessory

Really, this was inevitable. It took about an hour after the Wii was announced before we started seeing hoards of accessories to hold the controllers turn up on the market with things like golf clubs, bats, and guns for shooting games. Sony is generating its own accessory rush for the PS Move controllers unveiled officially this week at E3.

The PS Move shooting attachment has gone official at E3 with pics from Sony and the thing looks great. It reminds me of a laser gun that would have been used in a 50’s sci-fi flick. The round bulbous end of the Move controller sticks out of the barrel of the ray gun and all the buttons are accessible.

The ray gun has a trigger in a slotted channel rather than just sticking out. Apparently, the Move controller locks inside the gun since the thing has a release slider on the side. I don’t know how well the thing works, but Sony certainly hit the aesthetics nail right on the head.

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