PlayStation 4 YouTube app wants to pwn

Have a PlayStation 4? Good news — there's an official YouTube app, now! Google has finally made a YouTube app that belongs on your PS4, and it's free to download from the PlayStation Store. It's not just a YouTube video portal, though. Users will get a few features they've been asking for, and the ability to stream game-play content right into YouTube. Gamers won't even need to do anything clever; just hit the Share button on your controller, and away you go.

Of course, the recorded content isn't shared in real-time. Google knows you want to put your best gaming foot forward, so after you're done recording, you can edit the clip, and even preview it if you like. You can also edit the tags, title, description, and privacy settings.

If you're like millions of people who would rather watch video than share game play, the YouTube app for PlayStation supports 1080p playback, as well as 5.1 channel audio. The app also supports 1080p uploads, too.

If you're using YouTube on another TV somewhere in the home, you'll find the interface similar. Google says the YouTube app for PlayStation holds true to their recent YouTube for TV design principles.

Source: Google