PlayStation 4 rumored to ditch DualShock controller design

Sony has been rocking its DualShock controller design ever since the original PlayStation was out in full force, but while the console launched in the US in 1995, the DualShock technology didn't make its way to the market until 1998. Now, it looks like the company will be waving farewell to the classic design for something a little more modern and high tech with the rumored PlayStation 4.

According to Computer and Video Games, an anonymous source that works at a "senior game studio" that's working on an upcoming Sony game has said that Sony will be introducing a new controller design with its next console, and will introduce some new features to the controller, like a touchscreen and biometric sensors.

It's said that experimentation and testing of potential controller designs has been extensive in Sony's research and development department. A second source connected to Sony said that engineers are "trying to emulate the same user interface philosophies as the PlayStation Vita," which points to possible touchscreen capabilities with the new PS4 controller.

While the DualShock design may be on its way out the door, it's possible that Sony will still support the PS3 controllers when they release their new console, similar to how the Nintendo Wii U still supports older Wiimotes, so there's a possibility that older DualShock controllers could be used as secondary controllers on the PS4, but of course, Sony has declined to comment on the rumors.

[via Computer and Video Games]