PlayStation 4 and Vita “soft bundle” pushed in UK

Will Conley - Nov 30, 2013, 5:41pm CST
PlayStation 4 and Vita “soft bundle” pushed in UK

In the UK, Sony is pushing a “soft bundle” deal in which a PlayStation 4 and a PlayStation Vita can be had for about a £10 ($13.50 USD) discount. The push is intended to highlight the fact that the handheld Vita can pair with a PS4 through Remote Play, which lets you stream PS4 content to the handheld. Sony says it is encouraging retailers to roll out the soft bundle as of now.

Normally in the UK, a PlayStation 4 goes for £349 ($475 USD). A PlayStation Vita runs about £150 ($200 USD), depending on the model type. With the soft bundle Sony is pushing, the pair will run a little under £500 ($680 USD).

As Sony UK head Fergal Gara said to Eurogamer:

“We think, for four hundred and something pounds you’re getting two consoles, if you get PlayStation Plus with that then you’ve got an Instant Game Collection for both. So now they’re both great companion devices and they’re standalone devices. Why wouldn’t we underline that and highlight that point of difference? We really believe in it.”

Each store will be offering its own version of the soft bundle, with prices varying. But the message from Sony is clear: Stores should be moving both products in tandem as much as possible. This will highlight the unique pairing capability made possible through the system’s Gaikai technology.

SOURCE: EuroGamer

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