PlayStation 3 global sales hit 70 million

Since its launch in November 2006, the PlayStation 3 gaming console has seen 70 million units sold worldwide, as of November 4. What's perhaps more impressive is that Sony has sold 15 million Move motion controllers since its launch just a little over two years ago. Move now supports over 400 titles on PlayStation 3.

The 70 million figure also matches the number of consoles that Microsoft sold with its Xbox 360, which they reported in their Q1 2012 back in October. However, Sony notes that the figures are confirmed as being "sell-ins," meaning the sales represent the amount of units sold to retailers rather than to customers.

Currently, Nintendo leads the race to all-time global sales for any one console, with the Wii reaching just over 97 million units sold as of September 30. Plus, the company's newest console, the Wii U, is releasing in just a couple of days, meaning that Nintendo will see even more sales coming their way soon.

There are currently around 3,600 games published for the PlayStation 3, with over 595 million copies sold worldwide. The PlayStation Network has also seen some fascinating numbers. The service now operates in 59 territories, and offers over 170,000 pieces of downloadable content, of which just 57,000 are game-related.