Playstation 2 causes two brothers to choke and stab one another

Two brothers living in Waukesha reportedly choked, cut and stabbed each other when they fought over a Playstation 2 video game controller. Waukesha Police are recommending that charges be brought against both brothers who violently acted out of anger.

Video games can sometimes bring friends and family together, this on the other hand could have ended up deadly for these family members. This all took place on Sunday at a home on Whiterock Avenue where the two brothers got into a huge argument over whose turn it was to play the video game. The fighting went from simple yelling to one of the brothers choking the other.

In defense the brother who was being choked, pulled out a knife and cut the hands of the instigator, after which the who was doing all the choking took the knife and stabbed his brother and then fled the scene. The brother who fled then walked to the hospital and suffered from severely frostbitten fingers. It looks like this violent guy wont be playing video games for quite a while. Police report that none of the injuries sustained were life threatening.