Playseat Evolution - The chair for racing game enthusiasts

I enjoy playing racing games, though barely enough to warrant the purchase of a racing wheel with pedals. I did have a such accessories with my original Xbox, and I could never get it situated where it was comfortable enough to play for long periods. Perhaps I would enjoy those games if I had one of these racing seats.

The Playseat Evolution is a seat modeled after a race car with stands for your wheel and pedals. No more will you need to find a table that's the perfect height to enjoy truly satisfy your need for speed.

The Playseat can be adjusted for gamers of all heights and should be compatibly with most racing accessories. You'll have to be an avid racing game fan to buy one though, it'll set you back nearly $500

Playseat Evolution racing seat: "the best car game accessory ever made" [via techdigest]