PlayBook 4 S delivers your PS4 Slim laptop fix

Hardcore console fans, whether they come from the Xbox camp or the PlayStation side, will most likely be familiar with EdsJunk, a.k.a. Edward Zarick. Almost every console generation from Microsoft and Sony has gone under his knife and come out a different console. Specifically a "console-book", the ungodly, but much desired, offspring of a gaming console stuffed inside a laptop-like portable form factor. While Edward already gave the PS4 that treatment, the slightly new PS4 Slim was only begging to be similarly hacked. And so the PlayBook 4 S was born.

Here's a brief recap for those unfamiliar with EdsJunk's work. He basically guts consoles and rearranges them inside custom-designed boxes that close and open like a very heavy and bulky laptop. While it doesn't have a keyboard like a traditional laptop, it does have its own display. And while you can't exactly just use it anywhere you like, not only because of its weight but also because you need to have it plugged in, you can at least take it with you on trips where you'll be staying at hotels or other people's houses, while your friends have to leave their consoles at home.

The PS4 Slim called for a trimmed down version of the older PlayBook 4. That one had a 22-inch screen while the PlayBook 4 S gets only a 19-inch panel. In that sense, it is similar to the XBOOK ONE S, based on the Xbox One S, of course, which only ups the rivalry between the two "slim" consoles. One disadvantage of the smaller screen is the resolution, which is capped at 720p. Edward hasn't been able top find a 19-inch panel capable of 1080p video. To make up for that, the PlayBook 4 S has an HDMI out at the back, making it possible to plug the portable console to bigger screen when one is available.

As always, EdsJunk is open for business for those who want their own PlayBook 4 S. Prices start at an equally hefty $1,495. But if you already own your own PS4 Slim and send him that instead, you can cut down the price to $1,195. Additional options, like having your Gamertag on the console, are also available. For a price, of course.

SOURCE: PlayBook 4 S