Play as a female character in Witcher 3

People talk about how there aren't enough female protagonists in video games. And it's true, most games tend to revolve around a male lead. Well, one of the most popular games of the year can now be played entirely as a female character.

With a game like Witcher 3, it's pretty hard to just drop in a female character, due to the story. However, if you don't mind breaking immersion just a bit, you can replace Geralt with a number of different female models. Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks to this.

The biggest problem that comes from using this mod is the fact that Geralt is fully-voiced. And unless someone steps up and re-records every one of his lines, you're going to hear his manly voice coming out of your character, regardless of which model it's using. There are also some instances where you'll see some of his animations, which might not quite match the ones typically used by whichever character model you've chosen.

The same person behind this mod has also crafted one that allows you to have a companion that follows you on your journey. You'll have your choice of five different characters that can accompany you, and fight by your side. Check out the mod here.

VIA: Polygon