Plasmas and LCDs galore

Recently major TV manafucturers have been accross the board as to what their stance is on Plasma TVs and LCD TVs. Panasonic wants to boost sales of their Plasmas, so they are shifting their marketing to put more focus on Plasmas rather than LCDs. Meanwhile, they are offering sizes of 23"-32" for their LCD TVs. Their thinking is that service and quality is enhanced on the larger models, so their focus now is on the smaller LCD models, along with the Plasma TVs.

Sony has used their WEGA brand for a while now. They dopped out of the Plasma battle and are now focused on selling LCD TVs. They feel that LCDs provide greater advantage over Plasmas. Infact, their feeling is so strong that they conducted a burn-in test on Plasmas from rival company Panasonic, which revealed that the Plasmas are prone to burn-ins. These claims have been thought of as sketchy, and have been dismissed, as new Plasmas are launched with burn-in prevention.

The market is always going to be split between LCDs and Plasmas. LCDs tend to cater to the smaller screen sizes, all the way up to 32 inches, while Plasmas usually start at 32 inches and go up from there.

Sony and Panasonic Duke Out LCD vs. Plasma [Via: DailyTech]