Plant-based Impossible Nuggets are heading to Burger King

Fast-food company Burger King will expand its plant-based food menu by offering Impossible Nuggets, a meat-free alternative to traditional chicken nuggets. According to Burger King, it will be the first fast-food restaurant chain to offer Impossible Nuggets as a menu item, though only some stores will offer them initially.

As it did with the launch of its Impossible Burger-based Impossible Whopper product, Burger King plans to test Impossible Nuggets in select markets before a potential wider release to other stores. According to the company, it will start offering Impossible Nuggets at restaurants in Miami, Boston, and Des Moines.

If you're in one of those locations, you'll be able to order the Impossible Nuggets starting on October 11. The product will feature eight nuggets. As with the Impossible Whopper, the plant-based Impossible Nuggets aren't entirely vegetarian or vegan — while they don't contain meat or other animal products, Burger King says it will cook them in the same oil used to cook cheese and meat products.

Burger King isn't the only fast-food and convenience food company to offer popular plant-based food products. Starbucks, for example, has plant-based 'meat' options available for those who are avoiding animal products; likewise, Carl's Jr has a plant-based burger, White Castle has Impossible Sliders, and Little Caesars offers plant-based pepperoni.

Plant-based meat alternatives have grown in popularity amid an increase in high-quality vegetarian options, as well as concerns about the health and climate effects of eating a meat-based diet. Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods both offer various plant-based meat products in many grocery stores across the US.