Planar adds new 55-inch LED backlit HD resolution LCD to Clarity Matrix video wall line

Planar has announced that it is adding a new screen to its line of Clarity Matrix screens designed for making video walls. The new screen is the Clarity Matrix 55 and the thing has some really nice features. One of the key features for a screen to be used in a video wall is the bezel thickness.

The Clarity Matrix 55 has a bezel that is thin enough that the gap between screens is only 5.7mm thick. The panel depth is 3.6-inches making for a thin video wall as well. Once a system using the screen is set up, it can be repaired and individual screens replaced as need without taking the entire wall down.

The new Clarity Matrix 55 has a resolution of 1080p and integrated image processing capability. The screens are cool running as well with the electronics off-board and redundant power supplies are available. The screen will ship in Q2 2011 at an undisclosed price.