Pizza Ordering Bluetooth Fridge Magnet Offers One Click Snackage

The problem with living in a big state like Texas is that everything is very spread out. That means not only are there no pizza delivery places for my house, but you can't even order online. While other places get to order via the Internet or text message, I have to call and talk to the pizza making stooges at the local spot. I certainly don't have access to something as awesome as a refrigerator magnet that uses Bluetooth to order your pizza with one press.

This is forward progress at its finest if you ask me, and possibly the best use for Bluetooth ever. This magnet is courtesy of Red Tomato Pizza and all you have to do is sync the fridge magnet with your phone. After you do the synchronization with your phone, you go to the company's website and pick your favorite pizza.

From that point on when you press the magnet, your favorite pie will be baked up and on its way to your home. Now for the bad news, apparently this magnet is only available in Dubai right now. This certainly isn't complicated technology so I can only hope this also magnet comes to other pizza places soon.