Pizza Hut smart shoes mean ordering pizza is just a button away

It's one of the stranger wearables we've seen, and one that is entirely advertisement-focused, if not amusing: Pizza Hut smart shoes. These shoes are exactly what they sound like — a pair of shoes with embedded technology that, in this case, enables wearers to order a pizza by pressing a button on the shoe. The shoes are high tops, but Pizza Hut refers to them as Pie Tops, and Grant Hill is onboard to show them off.

The shoes are a limited-run item, as you'd expect, with only 64 pairs being made. The number 64 is relevant, as it is meant to match the 64-team field in March Madness. AdWeek says the shoes were handmade by Dominic Chambrone, also known as the Shoe Surgeon, and that all of the pairs will be given to the media and individuals considered to be 'influencers.'

Pizza Hut released a commercial to show off the shoes, and to hawk its latest deal. The entire thing is very 1990s-ish, which isn't a bad thing, but does add to the whole surreal factor. The shoes themselves don't do the ordering, but rather connect with a special 'Pie Tops' app to place a pre-designated order.

Whether the shoes are useful as actual shoes isn't clear, nor whether you can accidentally order a pizza if you cross your ankles against the ordering button. Regardless, it's not the first odd pair of shoes we've seen; check out the timeline below for other special, connected, and otherwise unique products.