Pixel XL users say Android Pie bug broke fast charging

Owners of the Pixel XL, the larger of the original Pixel models, are complaining about issues with fast charging following the Android Pie update. According to reports from impacted device owners, the update broke the device's ability to fast charge, an issue that isn't present on the smaller Pixel model. Not all users are experiencing the problem, however.

Pixel XL device owners have taken to Google's Issue Tracker forum, where posts from users started appearing a few days ago. One Pixel XL owner says that fast charging fails to work post-update regardless of charger. Some chargers that previously worked now result in a "Charging Slowly" message, according to the user.

Some reports claim the original charger that shipped with the Pixel XL still results in fast charging, while other impacted owners say that it doesn't matter which charger they use. One user claims that an external battery pack that previously fast-charged the device no longer works for fast charging.

Though not all Pixel XL owners report experiencing the issue after updating to Android Pie, those who do experience it report that fast charging is broken all or the majority of the time. Safe Mode and factory resetting the devices doesn't work, according to these users.

Complaints about this issue surfaced during the Android P beta, but unfortunately weren't fixed before the official release. Google acknowledged the complaints in the bug tracker by asking impacted device owners to submit bug reports. However, the company hasn't made any statements about the cause or said whether it is working on a fix.

SOURCE: Android Police