Pixel Qi Offers DIY Screen Replacement: Easy As Changing a Lightbulb

Do it yourself kits aren't new, and it's not even a new phase washing over the world. People have been finding ways to make things on their own for quite a long time. It's part of man's ingenuity. But some times, or maybe even more often than not, doing it yourself can be a real pain. Well, Pixel Qi wants to make it at least a little bit easier for you to replace that bland ol' LCD screen on your laptop by offering you a do it yourself kit.

Over at the Pixel Qi blog, Mary Lou Jespen clarified a few certain points about the kits. She elaborated on the planned release date, and even expounded on why Pixel Qi is doing anything like this in the first place. First, the kits will be available by the end of the second quarter, this year. The company is going to offer up more official details when the launch gets closer. Secondly, Jespen goes on to say that during her time in Nigeria, she realized that a kit like this could be far more beneficial than people realize. Especially with the technology that Pixel Qi utilizes (a combination of LCD and E-Ink), the uses are almost endless.

In her recollection, she elaborates that 11-year old girls were taking it upon themselves to fix the monitors on laptops in their region. With this story, she alludes to the fact that changing the screen on a laptop is "only slightly more difficult than changing a lightbulb." Basically, remove the bezel, unplug the current screen and then plug the Pixel Qi one in. Now, if you're a fan of the warranty that comes with your laptop, this is obviously not the way you want to go. But, whether you're out of your warranty of you're just one of those people that love to do things on your own, we can't stop you.

[via Pixel Qi]