Pixel Buds updates promised to fix showstopping audio issues

Given their rivalry, it really was no surprise that Google would come out with its own take on the truly wireless stereo earbuds trend that the Apple Airpods started. Unfortunately, it seems to have been unable to nail down what made those white buds popular, especially when it came to the quality of the overall experience. After all, one can hardly be happy when the only earbuds they have won't even work properly with calls and audio. Google has now acknowledged those concerns and promised that a fix is on the way soon.

As Google's first TWS earbuds, the cordless second-gen Pixel Buds definitely left many conflicted between its price and its convenient integration with Google's services and apps. For some users, however, that wasn't even a concern because bugs and glitches in audio output made the Pixel Buds almost unusable or irritating at the very least.

There have been a variety of complaints voiced over the Internet, starting with the hissing or static sound that some heard. Others have even reported calls being cut out at times. Those voices, fortunately, caught Google's attention enough to do a survey about owners' experiences and act swiftly.

A new update, Firmware 296, is being pushed out immediately to address the audio static problem. Those experience phone call cut outs, however, will still have to wait for a few more weeks to get that fixed. Other promised fixes will include better autorecovery when the earbuds lose their connection to a device.

These updates will hopefully address more immediate pain points of the 2020 Pixel Buds but others, like the lack of active noise cancellation or dismal battery life, can only be addressed with a new model. While the Pixel Buds' design and Google Assistant integration make it an enticing product, it might not be enough to convince many to make that $180 investment when there are other and sometimes better options available for that same price.