Pixel 6 Live Translate will combine Google's best translation features

Although Google serves many users on many platforms, it often shows preferential treatment to Pixel phone owners. Some of those exclusive features eventually find their way to other Android phones, but the best of the best remains a highlight for Google's own phones. One such feature might be Live Translate that's going to be exclusive to the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, pooling together some of Google's best work when it comes to AI-powered translation services.

Google's translation service on the Web existed a few years before Android phones even became fashionable. Since then, the company has flexed its machine-generated translation muscles in other products, from Google Lens to live translation via the Pixel Buds. The Pixel 6 will put these under one "Live Translate" feature and integrate it seamlessly with other Google and Pixel features, like Gboard, Assistant, and Live Caption.

Alluded to before by Google itself, XDA's Pixel 6 Pro source was able to snag a few screenshots of the said feature. Like Google Translate itself, it will require users to download language packs for what they want to translate. The choice of language will determine which translation features will be available.

English, for example, supports translating Live Captions, Messages, translatable text seen by the Camera, and a real-time audio interpreter. Japanese, on the other hand, only supports Messages, Live Caption, and Camera. Mandarin has even fewer supported features, namely Messages and Camera.

While the services that power these translations are mostly available on other phones, Live Translate itself might be exclusive to the Pixel 6 and no other phone. Part of that might be due to its reliance on Google's Tensor chip to process the data on the device. That also means that translations are done locally to avoid leaking data like messages through the Internet.