Pixel 4 Fast Wireless Charging Works With Any Standards-Compliant Charger

It has been days since Google first announced its true 2019 flagship (the Pixel 3a doesn't count) and it's only now that we're getting the fine print on some of those features. Most of them, unfortunately, have been on the disappointing side, like the lack of eye detection in face recognition or missing 4K 60 fps video recording. Fortunately, there is at least one good detail that Google curiously didn't advertise. It turns out, the Pixel 4 supports fast wireless charging even if you don't have a Pixel Stand. Presuming, of course, you have a compatible Qi wireless charger instead.

Despite being a proponent of industry standards, Google didn't exactly jump on the wireless charging tech with the Pixel phones. It was only with last year's Pixel 3 that Google finally added the feature with one semi-caveat. It offered fast wireless charging up to 10 watts only, which is not only below the Qi wireless charging spec but also exclusive to Google's own Pixel Stand wireless charger.

Given Google's silence and trend, most simply presumed that it was the same case for the Pixel 4. Apparently not the case, as discovered by XDA's Mishaal Rahman. It turns out that the Wireless Power Consortium, the folks behind the Qi standard, lists the Pixel 4 as compatible with hits 11-watt fast charging spec while the Pixel 3 is just under 5 watts.

What this means is that you can use any wireless charger that supports Qi's fast charging spec which can supply 11 watts of power without wires. That's not only theoretical as other tech sites have confirmed the surprise feature with their own equipment.

It's rather odd that Google made no mention of this change in any of its marketing speech or materials. Perhaps Google didn't consider it important enough to waste time and space on. Or, alternately, would prefer Pixel owners to buy its own Pixel Stand charger under the presumption that it is the only pad that will quickly charge the Pixel 4 wirelessly.