Pixel 4 cameras made it too easy to spot in the wild again

Many OEMs try their best to prevent their products from leaks, which is pretty impossible this day and age. Phone makers even go through the pains of putting an "anti-leak" case on the device. Unfortunately, such a case does no good when your phone has a distinctive design that makes it stand out even from a distance. Even more unfortunately for Google, that's exactly the case, no pun intended, with the Pixel 4 that was just spotted in the wild yet again.

This time, the location is London Underground, where passengers are probably less likely to pay attention to everyone else's smartphones. But there will always be some smartphone aficionado that keeps tabs on the latest trends in smartphones. Especially when it comes to unconventional designs.

Google itself has more or less acknowledge the Pixel 4's camera bump in public, trying to get the lead on Apple's similar design change. But more than just having a square bump in the corner, the arrangement of cameras is also unique forming a diamond pattern inside the square.

Considering those cameras need to have a clear view, not even anti-leak cases will be able to hide that. The leaked photo shows a main camera and what is believed to be a 16 megapixel telephoto lens side by side. A spectral sensor sits on top while a flash is on the opposite edge below.

The new design from both Apple and Google area already earning not a few criticisms but it's unlikely to be a deal breaker for most buyers. Consumers might be willing to overlook that if the Pixel 4 will significantly take the phone's photography performance to the next level.