Pixel 3 camera shakes even when your hand doesn't

Google is quite famous for the camera performance of its smartphones, almost performing magic with its single camera. Despite that, its Pixel phones haven't exactly performed just as well in terms of sales compared to the likes of Samsung and Apple. The Pixel 3, in particular, has been reported to have lagged behind even its predecessors, needing to be rescued by the cheaper Pixel 3a. Now it seems that the more expensive device is being plagued by a mysterious issue that hits where it matters the most: the camera.

Just like the other Pixels before it, the Pixel 3 has only one camera. Despite that theoretical crutch, Google is able to pull off amazing photos especially in low light situations. That is mostly thanks to Google's use of software enhancements to augment the otherwise plain camera hardware but that might now be working against it.

Pixel 3 owners left and right have been reporting about the unexplained shaking that the smartphone has been exhibiting recently. It's pretty much the literal shaky cam without any help from shaky hands. The video below demonstrates the problem even when the Pixel 3 is standing stationary.

The favorite theory among netizens is a faulty OIS since some whirring sound can be occasionally heard. That said, some also think it might have something to do with the autofocus system. It strangely seems to be more prevalent on the Pixel 3 but there have also been reports of the same bug on the larger Pixel 3 XL.

So far, Google has remained silent on the matter despite the growing number of complaints on the Internet. Given the looming launch of the Pixel 4, Google might not be so eager to address the matter quickly. The Android maker may be quick to roll out software updates but its response to hardware issues has been a hit or miss affair.