Pixel 2 XL may get a color-improving update

There is very difference between the Pixel 2 and the larger Pixel 2 XL, but where they do differ, the difference is nearly staggering. Size is one and battery is another. But the most telling difference is really their screens. Although more pixel dense and prettier with its lack of bezels, the Pixel 2 XL's P-OLED screen suffers from one odd flaw: its color quality. It seems that Google has been made aware of that substandard behavior and is mulling over pushing an update that will at least give users the option to tweak things to their taste.

Google jumped from LCD on the first gen Pixels to OLED on the Pixel 2 this year, though there is still am minor difference between normal and XL models. The Pixel 2 made use of AMOLED, short for Active Matrix OLED, while the Pixel 2 XL utilized P-OLED or Plastic OLED. The latter is often the material of choice for more flexible OLED screens.

While there are objective measurements of color accuracy and range, it still boils down to a matter of personal preference. Some like their colors punchy and saturated, while others prefer accuracy over vividness. OLED screens are usually praised for their vibrant colors, but the Pixel 2 XL, oddly enough, gave off a muted, subdued output instead. And, apparently, it's no bug or manufacturing flaw.

The P-OLED screen on the Pixel 2 XL was manufacture by LG but to Google's specification. As such, the big G dictated the parameters of performance and it seems it erred on the side of accuracy this time around. That said, it has head the complaints and is adding an option to boost colors by 10%. It might add more, if the demand is loud enough. Considering how such loud demand convinced some OEMs, including OnePlus, Google should probably just look into giving users complete color profile control anyway.

Here's Google's statement in full:

"We designed the Pixel display to have a more natural and accurate rendition of colors this year but we know some people prefer more vivid colors so we've added an option to boost colors by 10% for a more saturated display. We're always looking at people's responses to Pixel and we will look at adding more color options through a software update if we see a lot of feedback."