Pixel 2 problems surface again, this time with Google Assistant

The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have had something of a troubled launch thus far. Problems have been cropping up here and there ever since the phones were released, and today we're learning of a new one that involves Google Assistant. As it turns out, the Pixel 2 and its big brother both struggle when asked to route Google Assistant through a Bluetooth headset.

Though users have been discussing this particular bug on the Google Product Forums since October, Android Police brought attention to the issue today. Apparently, attempting to pull up Google Assistant while you're using a pair of Bluetooth headphones will result in the audio notification to let you know Assistant is listening, but then when you begin to talk, it doesn't actually register anything.

So far, there's been no workaround discovered, so if you need to use Google Assistant, it sounds like you'll need to disconnect your Bluetooth headphones. According to some users on the Google Product Forums, a fix for this problem doesn't appear to be present in the developer preview for Android 8.1, so we may be waiting on a fix for a while. Hopefully Google can push one out the door before its first Pixel Buds begin showing up on doorsteps later this month.

This isn't the first audio-related bug we've heard about when it comes to the Pixel 2. Just yesterday, we covered a rather serious microphone bug for the Pixel 2. During voice calls or when attempting to use Google Assistant, some users have found that their microphone doesn't work at all. While this Google Assistant bug is a software issue, the microphone problem is probably a hardware issue, meaning you'll likely need to replace your phone to fix the problem.

As with all bug, no one can be sure when Google will release a fix for this problem, but with the impending delivery of the first Pixel Buds, you have to imagine that a fix is coming down the pipeline soon. We'll keep our eyes peeled for news of such a fix, so stay tuned for more.